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Fri Aug 22 04:00:33 MDT 2003

David Kew has typed up two pages for Wellfleet, MA that are at my web 
site for your use.

1)  History of Wellfleet, MA  (in the MA Town History Section of the web 

2) Biographic Sketches of Wellfleet, MA (in the Biography Section)

The Biographic Sketches includes Biographies on the following men.

Simeon Atwood
George Baker
Benjamin Brown
Theodore Brown
Collins S. Cole
William H. Cole
Daniel Cole
Isaiah Cole
Edwin P. Cook
Timothy A. Daniels
James H. Gorham
Charles A. Gorham
Lewis Hamblin
Albert H. Harding
John R. Hawes
Parker E. Hickman
R. R. Freeman
John Freeman
Noah S. Higgins
Payne W. Higgins
Martin D. Holbrook
Robert B. Jenkins
Samuel W. Kemp
Samuel W. Kemp (2nd)
Major Oliver Libby
Oliver H. Linnell
Charles W. Newcomb
Alvin F. Paine
Edward E. Paine
William L. Paine
Nehemiah H. Paine
Franklin H. Pervere,
Joshua A. Rich
Newel B. Rich
Winfield S. Rich
Frederick W. Snow
Freeman A. Snow
Jesse S. Snow
James Swett
James Swett
Freeman A. Wiley
Barnabas S. Young
Isaiah C. Young


Ray Brown

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