[updates] 2 new Brown Families online

Ray Brown ray at rays-place.com
Sat Aug 9 05:10:28 MDT 2003

I just added 2 Brown Families to my web site.

1) Family of Thomas Brown of Lynn, MA
This chart shows descendants through of his 3 sons who relocated to 
Stonington, CT. and contains 400 people. This was the largest of the 
several Brown Families that settled in Stonington.

2) Family of Edward Brown of Ispwich & Wenham, MA. This is a small file 
that has the branch that went to Stonington, Ct

These are located in a new Brown sub domaine that I just set up at:

If anyone wants to add some files to that there are instructions at the 

I plan on adding a lot of vital records from the CT Barbour Collection 
and the Tan Books of Mass vital records to 1850.  If anyone has Brown 
Family Vital Records from any other place and wants to have them added 
there is an address there to send them to, and of course you will get 
credit for them.

Ray Brown

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