[updates] Eastham, MA (Barnstable County) Bio's

Ray Brown ray.brown at earthling.net
Fri Aug 8 03:38:20 MDT 2003

I just added the Biographical Sketches of Eastham, MA to my web site.


This has 34 Boi's in it, that came from the History of Barnstable County 
that was published in 1890, edited by Simeon L. Delo. Most of these are 
only a couple sentences, but some are bigger. The largest one is for 
Captain Edward Penniman. Below is the list of names of the people who 
have Bio's in this.

Scatter P. Bangs
Alonzo N. Bearse
John Chapman
Sara M. Chipman
George H. Clark
Roland D. Cobb
Austin E. Cole
Josiah M. Cole
Ezekiel Doane
Russell Doane
Henry K. Harding
David Higgins
Peter Higgins
Elkanah Hopkins
Isaiah H. Horton
Robert R. Horton
Winslow T. Horton
Freeman Knowles
Josiah M. Knowles
Seth Knowles
Lewis Lombard
Oliver Mayo
Reuben Nickerson
Thomas K. Paine
Francis M. Smith
Francis W. Smith
Heman Smith, 2d
Philip Smith
Luther B. Smith
Wallace A. Smith
Agnew F. Toovey
William Wareham
Samuel S. Sparrow

Ray Brown

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