[updates] West Cemetery - Bristol, CT online

Ray Brown ray.brown@earthling.net
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 19:33:59 -0500

Well a good part, about 850 names.
This is one of the bigest cemeteries in Bristol, covering 201 pages in
the Hale Collection and will take a while to finish up. There is a lot
of information in it, like the units that men were in during differant
wars, about 2/3 of the wifes have there maden names included, Ect.
Where can you find this on the web?
1) At the Bristol, CT GenWeb - AHGP:

or at my New England web site:

A lot of people have asked me for this one to be added, so I know that
some of you will get some good use out of this file. It may take a while
for your family to be there if not now, but be patient as there are over
4,000 entries to it. I can only afford to copy a bit at a time but will
get there.

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