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Happy Day After Christmas ~

I hope you each had a happy and safe Christmas, and that during the time you
spent with your families, you were able to share the interesting information
you have learned about your heritage over the past year.  Hopefully you
awakened the interest of others in your family and your combined efforts
will make your search ever more fruitful during the coming year.

The History of Rutland County is, as you have learned by now, very
extensive.  However, we are nearing the end - only a few more installments
to go.  I have just uploaded, to the Gateway to Vermont Web Site, Chapter
XVIII, Part I, "Secret Societies," (pages 284-292).

This section includes: Early Masonic Lodges -- Organization of the Grand
Lodge of Vermont -- Sketches of the Grand Masters -- Prominent Rutland
County Masons -- Elective Officers of the Grand Lodge from its Organization
to the Present -- History of Center Lodge -- Its Reorganization and
Officers -- Rutland Lodge No. 79

Transcribed from "History of Rutland County Vermont: With Illustrations &
Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men & Pioneers," edited by H.
Y. Smith & W. S. Rann, Published 1886.

This installment is accessible from the main gateway page, by clicking on
the gold "Latest additions" button (located in the middle of the page):


Best wishes and good luck with your search,

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