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"It is my purpose in this paper to contrast the mode of farm life and
farming fifty years ago with the present, noting some of the improvements
made since, and their lessons to us, that we may keep in mind the cost of
the privileges we enjoy, and the bitter experience of our fathers in
self-denial, and profit thereby. "

The above quote is taken from "Fifty Years Of Farm Life In Northern Vermont,
and Its Lessons."  presented by Henry Blake, of Hardwick, VT on February 2,
1877 at the Sixty-First Public Meeting of the Vermont Board of Agriculture
held at Peacham, Vt.

I have just uploaded, to the Gateway to Vermont Web Site, this very
interesting article which has been submitted for inclusion on the Gateway to
Vermont Web Site by Tom Dunn,

The article is accessible from the main gateway page, by clicking on the
gold "Latest additions" button (located in the middle of the page):


Best wishes and good luck with your search . . . and many thanks to Tom

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