[updates] Christ's Church in Fairfield, Fairfield Co., CT

janedevlin@ameritech.net janedevlin@ameritech.net
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 00:35:26 -0500

I've started transcribing the records of Christ's Church in Fairfield, Fairfield
Co., CT and posting them to the web.  This evening, I uploaded 

Those That Renewed The Covenant - 1697-1732 
Those Who Recognized Their Baptismal  Engagements - 1733-1805 

URL below..

I haven't run across any of my ancestors yet, but I hope everyone else finds
something that will be useful.  The next section of the records contains the
baptisms and those will go on line as soon as I can get them typed.

Jane Devlin
Lake Orion, MI
Records from CT, MA, & MI + family lines: